In Videodrome, after Renn has been affected by the video signal of videodrome he starts to hallucinate and lost his knowledge of reality. He sees some visions which he can’t decide whether they were true or not. Cronenberg likes to cut and connect real-world and hallucination scenes together, that is why audience is confused after a while just like Max Renn in the movie. Even if someone tries to track the story, It would be very hard to understand it clearly because he shows hallucination scenes in hallucinations. This technique is also used in eXistenz, which can be considered as the sequel of Videodrome.

In eXistenZ, gamepods are popular amongst society like television in Videodrome. Throughout the story, Ted and Allegra join and play the game layer by layer. Basically, they play game inside a game. After a while, they become confused about it whether they are in the game or not. In the film, we see a war between “Realists” and game companies. Not surprisingly, one of the companies’ motto is “Enemies of Reality”. This scene might be considered as a self-reflexive scene because film itself is an enemy of reality. Cronenberg makes the film confusing for audience and plays with them like the confused characters in his films. This storytelling technique has a big role in his films as a narrative strategy. He wants audience to live and feel the confusion that character feels in the film, they are not just observers they also involve in situations.

“Cronenberg is attempting to oppose what is undecidable to dogmatism and rationality, and his way of doing this is to try to provoke his viewers, stimulating us to participate in his film[s] by virtue of that very undecidability” (Grant, 2000).

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